Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The Real You (5774 / 2013) ...  Living Outside...

Over the last couple of months I have been making many lifestyle changes and replacing old bad habits with new healthier choices.As my health and fitness improve so does my energy and vitality.

I want to get out there and try new things. Share new experiences. Get a life,so to speak, as I prepare for the last of the children to leave home.I have looked at a few different options :- join the State Emergency Service, go to Boot Camp,learn to Salsa.The list goes on and on.There is a lot to be said for changing your lifestyle and feeling great as a result of those changes.
So what is it that is holding us back from trying new things?

Complacency sets in as we get older and we lose our youthful enthusiasm for new adventures and become set in our ways.We cling to outdated habits and stubbornly refuse to review and reflect on changing our lifestyles. Complacency kills passion.Complacency clips our wings and leaves us feeling happy with an average safe life within our comfort zone.We don’t want to look foolish trying to master new skills and habits.We like to feel safe and secure.We lose the fire in our bellies and busy our free time with busyness.John Maxwell said ”To succeed in life we must stay within our strength zone,but continually move outside our comfort zone”.

Take a moment to think,have you ever accomplished anything of significance in your life when you were in your comfort zone? l can nearly guarantee the answer is no.We like comfort.We resist change. We feel comfort from performing our daily rituals and habits.

We need to dig deep and recall what stirs our passion.What would we try to get that desire for taking risks and challenging ourselves going again? Passion prompts us to leave our comfort zone and get back out there and get into life! Passion helps us smash through our self doubt.Playwright George Bernard Shaw said ”I’m sick of all the reasonable people: they see all the reasons to for doing nothing.”

Step out of your comfort zone.Try something new today.Baby steps is all you need.Have faith in yourself and take the initiative.When the door of opportunity knocks don’t meekly open it – push it open with both hands,arms outstretched and go for it!



Have you ever noticed a Vendor in a colorful yellow neon vest at the train/bus station or shopping mall waving a copy of The Big Issue for sale? Vendors,as they are called are often on street corners or near pedestrian crossings in the city. “So what is The Big Issue?”,ask the less fortunate that have never been lucky enough to read a copy.
The Big Issue is a leader in social enterprise across Australia.It is a not-for-profit organisation that works on developing solutions to help homelessness, disadvantaged and marginalized people positively change their lives.
The Big Issue Magazine is published fortnightly and is an awesome read.It is sold to Vendors,who are homeless or disadvantaged,for $3 per copy.The Vendor then sells it to the public for $6,keeping the profit.
The content of the magazine is superb and varied.There are film reviews,well written articles,great photography and art as well as a Crossword puzzle.Truly worth the read.Vendors of The Big Issue are encouraged to contribute and are paid for their work.There is also a moving Vendor profile page which gives the person`s story behind how being a Vendor has changed their lives and regained their sense of self esteem.
So next time you see that person selling The Big Issue at the lights or in the mall,buy a copy.It’s a great read.You are also helping one person get their lives back on track.Want to know more about The Big Issue?

# T 03 9663 4533
# F 03 96394076
# P GPO BOX 4911 Melbourne VIC 3001

Photo courtesy of The Big Issue (c)judihenrickson2013


English: Think positive

English: Think positive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Occasionally I stumble across a Website that just blows my mind,so much that I will use it forever.  Recently this happened when I came across
What an amazing site with plenty of free affirmations. Here are a couple of my faves.
“Forgive and release the past” “Let the Universe bring you what you need”
“Love is the most healing force of all”
The site allows you to choose relevant areas of your life and access a list of positive affirmations to suit your needs You can also read great articles on the importance of developing a positive mindset.
My favourite part of this site is the Daily Affirmation Card and shuffling the deck to get a free Healing  and Affirmation Card reading relevant to my needs that day.
Fantastic site.Lots of fun.I love it.


On being loving..


Deep at the centre of my being,there is a well of infinite love..





  • I choose to exercise regularly.
  •  I am the perfect weight for me.
  • I express my needs and feelings.
  • When I believe in myself so do others.
  • I am at peace with myself.